Eurocámara: 160823 E005599/ 2016 Implementation of the Barcelona Convention

Pregunta de J Mèlin (ENF-Front National)

Respuesta del Comisario Vella

Question 8 July 2016 J  Mèlin (ENF-Front National)

Subject: Implementation of the Barcelona Convention

The Barcelona Convention of 1976 (as amended in 1995), and the protocols drawn up in line with it, aim to protect the marine and coastal environment in the Mediterranean whilst promoting regional and national plans contributing to sustainable development.

It has now been ratified by all of the EU Member States on the Mediterranean except Gibraltar, which is a UK overseas territory.
As the EU has also signed the convention, is Gibraltar also covered by it, or does the territory have a derogation?
Answer 23 August 2016 Commisioner Vella
The EU is a Contracting Party to the Barcelona Convention1.
The geographical coverage of the Barcelona Convention2 as per its first Article is bounded to the west by the meridian passing through Cape Spartel lighthouse, at the entrance of the Straits of Gibraltar, and to the east by the southern limits of the Straits of the Dardanelles between Mehmetcik and Kumkale lighthouses.
There is no derogation referring to Gibraltar in this Article.

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