Eurocámara: 150217 P000292/ 2015 Gibraltar-Commission inspection visits

Pregunta de William (El Conde de) Dartmouth (EFDD-UKIP)

Respuesta del Comisario Avramopoulos

Question 13 January 2015 William (The Earl of) Dartmouth (EFDD)

Subject: Gibraltar — Commission inspection visits

1. Can the Commission disclose how often and on what dates it has carried out inspection visits to the land frontier between Gibraltar and Spain?

2. Given the fact that there are normally no delays to vehicles on the dates on which the Commission visits the border, can the Commission say whether it intends to carry out any spot-checks or undercover inspections of the situation?

Answer 17 Frebruary 2015 Commissioner Avramapoulos

1. The Commission carried out on spot visits at the border between Spain and Gibraltar on 25 September 2013 and 2 July 2014.

2. The Commission is now assessing the replies provided by both Gibraltar and Spain on how they respectively intend to implement the Commission’s recommendations addressed on 15 November 2013 and 30 July 2014 before considering further steps, which might include an unannounced on-the-spot visit to this border.

150217 EP – Q W Dartmouth (EFDD-UKIP) on Gibraltar-Commission inspection visits, A Com Migration, Home Affairs Avramopoulos P-000292-2015.pdf