Eurocámara: 150126 E009641/ 2014 Gibraltar customs checks

Pregunta de Jonathan Arnott (EFDD)

Respuesta del Comisario Avramopoulos

Question 24 November 2014 Jonathan Arnott (EFDD)

Subject: Gibraltar customs checks

On 30 July 2014 the Commission wrote to the Spanish Government asking it to make the customs checks at the border with Gibraltar more selective, in line with the principle of the free movement of workers. What progress has been made in this respect?

Answer 26 January 2015 Commissioner Avramopoulos

On 30 July 2014 the Commission addressed requests for additional measures to both Spain and the United Kingdom to be implemented without delay in order to reduce the waiting time at the border in question.

One of the measures requested from Spain was to optimise risk-based profiling and to adapt the checks carried out at the border accordingly. The Commission recently received a reply from Spain, which it will analyse before assessing the situation at this border again.

150126 EP – Q J Arnott (EFDD-UKIP) on Gibraltar customs checks, A Com Avramopoulos E-009641-2014.pdf