Eurocámara: 140217 E­013389/ 2013 Border between Gibraltar and Spain

Pregunta de James Nicholson (ECR-UUP)

Respuesta de la Comisaria Malmström


Question 26 November 2013 James Nicholson (ECR-UUP)

Subject: Border between Gibraltar and Spain

The Commission recently announced that Spain had not infringed the rules on border controls after it sent observers to investigate the lengthy border queues between Gibraltar and Spain. However, the Commission admitted that the additional checks introduced at the border are ‘nevertheless challenging’ and pose ‘technical problems’.

Although the Commission plans to review the situation in six months, can it state already what measures it will take to ensure that the single market is not compromised by unnecessary restrictions on the free movement of people, goods, services and capital between Member States?

Answer 17 February 2014 Commissioner Malmström

The Commission assessed the compatibility with Union law of the measures taken by Spain at the border with Gibraltar. Its findings can be found via the following link:


140217 EP – Q J Nicholson (ECR-UUP) on Border between Gibraltar and Spain, A Com Commerce Malmström E-013389-2013.pdf