Eurocámara: 140203 E­013941/ 2013 Gibraltar border

Pregunta de Claude Moraes (S&D-Labour)

Respuesta de la Comisaria Malmström


Question 6 December 2013 Claude Moraes (S&D-Labour)

Subject: Gibraltar border

Further to my previous parliamentary question on this issue (E­007697/2013), can the Commission outline the procedures and timetable put in place to ensure that its practical recommendations for easing frontier and customs delays at the Gibraltar­Spanish border are implemented in a timely manner?

Answer 3 February 2014 Commissioner Malmström

The Commission would refer the Honourable Member to its answer to Written Question E­013389/13 by Mr James Nicholson(1).

In addition, the Commission is in contact with the authorities of Spain and of the United Kingdom to monitor, already before the expiration of the six­month deadline, how the recommendations of 15 November 2013 are implemented by the two countries.


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