Eurocámara: 130403 E­001631­/ 2013 Marine conservation around Gibraltar

Pregunta C Davies (ALDE-LibDems)

Respuesta del Comisario Potočnik


Question 15 February 2013 C Davies (ALDE-LibDems)

Subject: Marine conservation around Gibraltar

With regard to the area up to 5 km from and around the coast of Gibraltar:

1.   Which Member State(s) is/are legally responsible for supervision and control of fishing activities?

2.   Which Member State(s) is/are legally responsible for activities affecting the seabed?

3.   Are any Natura 2000 sites located within the area and, if so, which Member State(s) is/are responsible for their management and protection?

Answer 3 April 2013 Commissioner Potočnik

The Commission is not in a position to comment on the legal responsibilities of Member States in the area in question, as jurisdictional issues concerning these marine waters are a matter for Member States to address in accordance with the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea.

Additionally, the Commission would refer the Honourable Member to its answer to written questions E­3840/2009, 4972/2009, E­7777/2011 and E­4503/2012.

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