Eurocámara: 130228 E­011580/­ 2012 Gibraltar on EU maps

Pregunta de Julie Girling (ECR-Con)

Respuesta de la Comisaria Reding

Question 19 December 2012 Julie Girling (ECR-Con)

Subject: Gibraltar on EU maps
Given that Gibraltar is a British overseas territory, why is it that, on the country maps that the general public can view on the European Union website, which is the responsibility of DG Communication, Gibraltar is absent from the United Kingdom map while the overseas territories of France, Spain and Portugal are all clearly marked?
Answer 28 February 2013 Commissioner Reding
The map of the European Union published by the Commission on its website is for general information purposes. Gibraltar is shown in its geographical location. However, contrary to the outermost regions (referred to in Article 349 TFEU) which form part of respectively France, Spain and Portugal, Gibraltar does not form part of the United Kingdom; the EU treaties apply to Gibraltar, subject to the provisions of Article 28 of the 1972 Act of Accession, by virtue of Article 355(3) TFEU, as it is a European territory for whose external relations the United Kingdom is responsible.

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